Stuff I've traded for a kilo of bacon

Propose a Trade

If you’d like to try my bacon, all you have to do is fill in the contact form below with your name and details, and include what you propose to offer up for the trade.

All legitimate offers (no matter how obscure) will be considered, and if accepted, you’ll soon be bringing home the bacon!

All trades will be in 1kg units of bacon, and once completed will be the subject of a blog entry (yes, you’ll even get you face on the internet).

Good luck.


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  1. Hi Dan the bacon man,

    I’ve heard along the grape vine how delicious your bacon tastes and was wondering if you would like to do a trade for a basket full of my home made preservatives? I even have the courier organised from country Vic to Adelaide if you’re interested..

    Look forward to hearing back from you!
    Marg Burdett

  2. Hi Dan, I’d like to trade beef for bacon. We’re a cattle station in SA and would like to be able to set up an ongoing trade. We kill and cryovac our own meat. Our meat isn’t certified organic, however is run organically (can discuss this with you if you’re interested). Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers, kristy

  3. G’day Dan,

    if you’ve a need for any more bottles of wine to sit alongside your ’73 Grange sing out. Plus these are wines you can actually drink without feeling guilty – from Pinot Grigio with Sweet Moscato to small batch McLaren Vale Shiraz in 50CL bottles…….


  4. Hey Dan, I too make my own bacon!

    I just took my latest batch out of the smoker – 7 days dry cured with salt, sugar and maple then hot smoked for 4 hours over hickory.

    I propose a straight trade – bacon for bacon!

  5. G’Day Dan the Butcher!

    I am Sydney based and propose a trade of 5L of my homemade laundry detergent and a Beard Balm for that fine beard of yours.

    And, just in case the logistics are a problem, I can substitute my detergent with a bottle of home made traditional Belarusian Nastoika!

    Looking froward to hearing from you,


  6. Greetings from Indiana in the heart of the USA. We have sugar maple trees on our property and make our own maple syrup. We won’t have anymore until the tree sap runs again in March. We need temperatures below freezing at night and above freezing during the day for the sap to run. But would you consider a bottle of homemade maple syrup for a kilo of your Aussie bacon?

  7. Hey Dan
    Iv got a rooster that i would like to trade if you are interested, He is 3 and a half years old and is a Malaysian rooster. His name is ‘Little Jerry Seinfeld’ and would be a great addition to any family.

    Kind Regards,

  8. Hey dan,

    Have to try this famous bacon!
    Take a look at my website pick a couple of different coffees and see what you’re interested in. If your keen I’d love to trade it for bacon!
    Talk soon mate


    • Thanks for the offer Jeff, sounds good to me….i’ll shoot you an email to sort out the details.


  9. Dan how are you?
    I have two spots left at the upcoming brunch Lazy Susan is holding at Etica Pizzeria on Sunday the 28th of September. We sell tickets for $40pp which includes food and wine. I propose a trade of 1 ticket for 1 kilo of bacon :)
    Check out our Facebook page for a bit more information.

  10. Hi Don,

    Just had two small peach trees felled in my backyard. Would like to offer you the wood (approx. 50+kg) to use in your smoking process in exchange for some of your outstanding bacon.


  11. Hi Don,

    I am a wine student and if there is anything out there that I love as much as wine it is good quality bacon!

    I propose a trade of a selected 6-pack of good reds from the Lane Vineyards, Teusner Wines and from my parents winery in Portugal for a kilo of bacon. Interested?

    • Hi Anna,

      Sounds good to me, Teusner are a favorite of mine. I’ll shoot you an email to work out a time to trade.


  12. I make a delicious organic grain free paleo muesli. I’ll trade you 2 bags (1 kilo) of it (value $50), post it to you and include a self addressed, pre paid satchel back to me!
    Would LOVE to try your bacon.

  13. Hi,

    We run a golf course on the Mornington Peninsula – Eagle Ridge. Do you play golf? If so, I’ll trade a gift certificate for a round for two players for a kilo of your awesome sounding bacon.


    • Hi Katie,

      Thanks for proposing a trade. I do play golf and am keen to take you up on your offer, only problem is i live in Adelaide and not sure when i’ll be in Victoria next. If you’re happy to leave the offer open ended, i’ll drop you an email when i’m heading over your way, and we can sort something out….



  14. Hi Don,

    My time has come to look upon your treasures.

    I propose one trailer load of firewood to keep you and your family warm over winter in return for a kilo of your best strathalbyn bacon.

    Does this light your fire, so to speak?

    Yours in meat,


    • Don the Butcher June 4, 2014 at 3:39 am Reply

      Hi Pank (interesting name!),

      Thanks for proposing a trade, I do have two fireplaces and they definitely burn a lot of wood. Trade accepted.

      I’m happy to reserve you some of the Strathalbyn bacon (i’m picking up some of their pork tomorrow night), in return can I ask that the trailer is exclusively full of redgum?

      Any cure flavour requests?

  15. Hi Dan,
    We’re Cheesemakers from the Adelaide Hilks and love all things food, including bacon.
    So how about a trade? We’ll offer 2kg of our dairy delights for a kg of your porky product. Pick from Adelaide hills Brie, Heysen blue, chèvre and goat curd – or mix it up and have some of each.

    • Don the Butcher May 6, 2014 at 5:29 am Reply

      Hey Sheree.

      Thanks very much for proposing a trade on TIFB. That’s a great offer, I love cheese, especially your ashed chèvre. Trade accepted. I’ll drop you an email and we can take it from there!


        • I’ve made the honey ice-cream at last, & will bring it to town tomorrow to put in the freezer there. So let me know when I can hand it over to you. I will add a jar of marmalade as a bonus.

          • Don the Butcher June 4, 2014 at 3:55 am

            Great thanks Kate. I shot you an email last week, not sure if you received it. When would suit you to catch up for the trade?

  16. Phil and Charlotte Huestis April 19, 2014 at 8:34 am Reply

    Hi Dan
    We love pig and very keen on trying some of this famous bacon of yours!! Our trade is for a weekend at Carrickalinga (we promise deck consultations not included!).
    Yours in salivation, Phil and Charl

  17. Hey Don.
    Lizard Punch are a 4 piece comedic party punk band and we are road tripping to Radelaide from Melbourne in August for a show. We would love to write you a song about “Trading It For Bacon” and trade it for the said bacon. (Will record and put the song on a cd) We do love bacon and love smoking or own meat too! We will also throw in our album and a couple of our stubby holders as well.
    Lizard Punch

  18. This is a very nice trading site you have here, very nice. You got to be careful though I’ve seen a few other nice trading sites have terrible things happen to them and I think we all agree it would be a real shame if something happened to this one. So I propose we trade 1kg of bacon for 3 months protection.

  19. Gday Don,

    How about a dinner and booze experience at one of Adelaide’s friendliest homes aka our place. 3 courses with unlimited vino.

    Also included in this package is a cat that I’m trying to get rid of (But my wife may veto this).

    Cheers Rods

  20. Hi there,

    I’d like to offer some homemade goodness in the form of fig and ginger jam, and fig paste, both awesome on a cheese (& bacon) board, and some tomato relish, perfect for your next backn sarny. I’d even be happy to talk about giving you some would from my fig tree for your next smoke if your interested.
    I love what your doing and I hope you end up taking over the world with your bacon.

  21. Hi Don, We are having family and friends over for a big breakfast at easter, so i would like to propose this trade, a box of seasonal fresh fruit and veg for 2 kilos of bacon (feeding 14 people ). Please consider our offer as i believe our produce quality will be satisfactory to your needs. Thanks Glenn

    • Hi there Glenn, thanks for proposing a trade. I’m running a little low on supplies after the recent publicity, I might have to politely decline this time.

      I also only trade in 1kg units sorry.

    • Hi Sam,

      Cheers for your interest in my blog. A mate of mine who works for a web/app development company in Melbourne has been giving me a hand so far (I’ve paid him in bacon, of course), and I reckon I’m ok for the time being.

      I’ll be in touch if things change and I do need your help mate.


  22. Hi Don the Butcher,

    Now this may appear an unusual ‘trade’ but we are proposing a tank of petrol , so that you can deliver all
    your bacon and collect your trades. We have a family run servo in gorgeous Willunga , right next to the Willunga
    Farmers Market which runs on a Saturday . The plan could be for you to drive down on a Saturday morning .. Fill up your car,
    wander around the fabulous market and get some produce to go with your delicious bacon and even get some great tips on some Wineries to visit from us ! Or of course you can make your own plan !

    What do you think ??
    Cheers Mandy and Steve

    • Hey Mandy and Steve,

      Thanks very much for your kind offer. I do have a car, and it is pretty thirsty. Trade accepted.

      I’ll shoot you an email to sort out the best time to catch up.

  23. Therese Chenoweth April 5, 2014 at 2:35 am Reply

    Would you like to trade 6 x 750ml. bottles of my home-made LIME CORDIAL, made from my home-grown limes? It’s delicious and would be very thirst-quenching after eating loads of bacon.

    • Hi Therese. That sounds delicious, I’m very interested. I’ll shoot you an email to sort out the details.

  24. 2kg (8 x 250g) bags of Balinese roasted coffee from our up and coming coffee importing business silent moments.

  25. Hey pal, how does a dozen fresh, free range, home grown, New Hampshire eggs, along with some very tasty home made chutney and a home made sour dough loaf sound? All the fixings of a yummy breakfast (with your fab bacon of course). Cheers, GG.

  26. Morning Don, if your a coffee drinker I’d be more than happy to offer up for trade some of my fresh roasted coffee beans for a slab of your pork..
    Obviously if you don’t have a coffee machine or aren’t a coffee drinker I’m all out of luck


  27. Hi Don,
    Not sure how you will feel about this one. I am a bit of a baker, cookies, cakes and generally anything sweet. I make an awesome Rocky Road. How about a slab of that for some of your finest Bacon?

  28. Hey there, I love the sound of this.
    Friends in the US used to involved in a thing called ‘bacon of the month’ I love bacon.
    Anyhow, what a bout a pair of carved silvet bacon cuff links. Not thd thing you’d wear every day, but woukd make you the talk of the table when next you dress up.
    Cheers, Petet

    • Hey Pete,

      Thanks for proposing a trade. That sounds excellent, I do like a good novelty cuff link. Trade accepted. I checked out your website ( and really like the look of your stuff. I’ll shoot you an email to sort out the details.

  29. Hmmm this could be the first of many… Let’s see, what shall I start with?

    How about Marron? Live, flushed and ready for eating?

    • Hey Perry, thanks for proposing a trade.

      That sounds like something I’d be up for, I do like Marron. What kind of quantity are you thinking?

      • Ha… I’d forgotton about this. Quantity? I’m not sure. Live Marron are going for $30-40kg at the moment. How about I put out the nets for an evening. Guarantee at least 1.5kg probably over 2kg.

          • Don the Butcher May 1, 2014 at 9:42 am

            Hey Perry. Sounds great, I do like Marron….perhaps we can come up with some kind of Marron bacon recipe. Is that your real email address?

          • Perry Wheeler May 1, 2014 at 11:24 pm

            Yup, email is for real (I have the domain so anything on the left side of the @ is just for filing and filtering).

            Bacon and Marron would be a challenge due to the strength of flavour in the smoking, but if you were to just cure like a pancetta or even to try air drying a leg for your own prosciutto then pork and marron could be a marriage made in heaven.

            Having said that… the more I think about it, ultra-thin slices of bacon may be interesting to try…

  30. I’ll trade you 3x $20 vouchers at my store at Red Rooster Castle Plaza.
    Plus the fact you owe me a beer from Jo & Ducans wedding

  31. Thought I might propose a trade. Not something for you unfortunately, but potentially for Mrs Don.

    My wife runs a clothing label called O2wear. It’s women’s basics – tanks, tees, tops, leggings etc – all made from bamboo fibre and organic cotton.

    I’d propose a trade of a couple of O2wear items for a kilo of your finest? Check out the range at and let me know what you’d like.

    • Hey Dave,

      Thanks for proposing a trade. Sounds like an interesting business, and looks like good quality stuff. Mrs Don (aka the Butcheress) would love to take you up on the offer….trade accepted!

      I’ll get my people to chat with your people and they can sort out the handover.


  32. Hi Dan

    I seem to have overstocked my supplies of triathlete supplements, turns out they don’t work for me….

    How about a kilo of Creatine for a kilo bacon?


    • Hey there James.

      Cheers for the offer, what do you do with Creatine? Do you have any other surplus triathlon supplies you no longer need like sperm shaped helmets?

      • You eat it, it creates ATP, but its making too much weight – I figure might as well just eat the bacon….

        Do you know, years ago, wealthy people would hang bacon in their kitchen. When guests came over, they would stand around and chat while eating it. This is the origin of the phrase “chewing the fat.”


  33. Hey Dan,
    I would like to trade 3 kg of Goolwa’s finest cockles for 1kg of your best bacon.
    I have lovingly collect them fresh from the clear waters of Goolwa.
    The cockle couple

    • Hey Mick,

      Thanks for proposing a trade.

      Have they been purged (i.e. are they edible). My problem is, i’ve got a heap of bait cockles sitting around in the freezer and probably don’t need any more. If they’ve been purged though, that sounds like a good trade….

      Let me know.

      • Dan, we only know how to collect the cockles.
        We do not do purging. So offer rejected
        We will check other skills and get back to you with another trade as we sure do want some of that bacon lol

        • Sounds good Mick, sorry it didn’t work out this time.

          Keep at it, I just started a batch of streaky bacon cured with pepper and coriander seed. Reckon it’s gonna be top notch.

  34. Hey Don,
    I’d like to trade a carton of my finest home brewed beer. I have a cervaza, stout and pilsner depending on your taste, but the pilsner gets the best reviews.

    • Hey Tennis,
      I’ve had good and bad experiences with homebrew, the last batch I made tasted like a soy sauce/vegemite combo. That said, I’m prepared to roll the dice on this one, and have a go at your pilsner.

      Thanks for the offer, trade accepted!

  35. hello, would you consider trading for a 30 year old, Brice 10 inch meat slicer, still in working condition. All it needs is a bit love and care.

    perfect for slicing all that bacon.

    thanks, jim

    • G’day Harry, thanks for proposing a trade!

      Whilst I like the odd fig, I’m not sure what I’d do with 2kg. Got any figgy products to sweeten the deal (jam, paste, moonshine)?