Stuff I've traded for a kilo of bacon

$60 of Red Rooster – Matt & Andrew


I met Matt a few months back at a friend’s wedding; we had a few beers, talked a bit of trash, and generally bonded over a mutual love of meat!

Matt and his brother Andrew recently bought the Red Rooster at Castle Plaza, in fact, the shiny new sign out the front of their shop says “Come visit the new Kings of the Castle!”….well, that’s them. If you’re reading this from outside of Australia (wishful thinking on my part) and have never heard of Red Rooster, it’s a fast-food chain of restaurants that sell BBQ chicken and chips, burgers, rolls and salads.

Brice Meat Slicer – Jim from The Lunch Bag


Jim and his brother Nick run the local sandwich deli near my work, it’s called The Lunch Bag in Kent Town. They make a good cup of coffee, and a pretty mean double cut roll (they claim to have invented it).

I got talking to Jim about T.I.F.B. a few weeks back, and mentioned I had 9kg of bacon curing, with no apparent way to slice it. Being the dead-set legend that he is, Jim offered to slice it for me on his schmick new deli slicer, in exchange for a sample of my first batch, an offer that would both save me a few hours of knife work, and lead to my next official trade.

2kg of K.I. Honey + Three Bottles of Wine – Rose & Al

Rose and Al are friends of mine who live in the Adelaide Hills where they regularly enjoy bacon! No joke, I don’t think I know anyone who loves bacon more than Rose, which is awesome. So it was only fitting that my very first T.I.F.B. trade was with her.